Crumpet's 33DC: Europe

Monday 11 November 2013

Don't think I'll get time to post today's challenge theme tonight, so that will be up tomorrow instead... But here is the final catch up post from last week before I head to my lovely bed!... I wasn't really sure what I fancied doing with this theme beforehand but as it was close to Rememberance Sunday I decided to go a little patriotic with a union jack inspired design... And I fancied some pastels... So my simple mani was born lol! 


I used two coats of the white for the base; then used a small, square paintbrush for the main crosses and a small striper for the smaller, diagonal crosses. One nail in each pastel shade. I love white nails so was quite fond of these.


Boots Natural Collection - Nail Tip Whitener, Barry M - Berry Icecream, Lemon Sorbet, Strawberry Icecream, Blue Moon, Mint Green, 3in1, Small Square Paintbrush, Small Striper Brush.

MissLanage x


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