Crumpet's 33DC: Most owned colour polish...

Monday 18 November 2013

Third up and last tonight, my most owned colour... Well this took a bit of counting lol! But in first place was pink :) followed closely by blue and then purple. No surprises there, those are my three favourite nail colours, followed up by grey and white, in case you'd like to know haha ;) I went for a nice simple design that a friend did on me just as I was starting to do nail art and not long before I started my blog, but this particular design has never been on my blog so today is it's day!

I started with two coats of the light pink and once completely dry, I taped off diagonally and did just one quick lick of the dark pink. I removed the tape immediately and then let dry again. I finished up by using a silver glitter striper polish to add the sparkle along the seam of the two colours. Pretties I think! I just adored these Colorshow polishes, gorgeous colours and top notch formula, so much so that in the recent 3 for 2 in Boots I increased my collection of them from 7 to 22 heeheehee! ADDICT! How shiny are these?! And no topcoat!


Maybelline Colorshow - Pink Boom, Bubblicious, Andrea Fulerton - Silver Stripe & Sparkle, Decorator Tape.

MissLanage x


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