Crumpet's 33DC: Two Pattern Manicure

Monday 11 November 2013

I've been a busy bee this past week, I finally got around to using my vanity url and redesigning my blog... Pretty pleased with the results, just a few creases to iron out now :) what do you think to the new look??? Soooo... although I painted my nails for the challenges, I didn't actually get time to do the posts, they will all be coming today along with today's challenge theme tonight...

First up is the two pattern mani... I had just received my 10 new MoYou plates so had plenty to choose from! I went for the bold, funky patterns of the Princess Plate I had; skulls and stars & spatters. I layered them over a new indie I bought from the lovely Debbie Crumpet herself :)

I did two coats of the lovely indie and then stamped the alternate designs using a metallic-ish, purple polish. Finished up with a topcoat and that's it! Loving this polish and the stamps!


The Polish Bar - Cloudy Skies, Barry M - Vivid Purple, Color Club - 3in1, MoYou - Princess 13

MissLanage x

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