Crumpet's 33DC: New Technique *catch up*

Monday 25 November 2013

Ok so I am a week behind again, just couldn't find my mojo last week and was super stressed with work and my boy heading off on the road again. I cheered myself up with some Christmas shopping though :) Almost done!! Record for me! As I am a week behind, I have decided to post last week's and this week's manicures together on the Mon, Wed and Fri. Awesome solution!

So first up tonight is the new technique to you mani; there are not many I haven't tried now but I had a couple in mind and chose to go for the slightly more adventurous water spotted. I am just gonna say now... I LOVE this mani lol. Although the spots stretched to a more marbled look on most of the nails, I just love the result regardless!... And after all, it is the first time I have attempted this ;) What do you think? Have you tried this and have some tips??


I started with two coats of the bright pink and then added a coat of the pink sparkly. Looked gorgeous just like that I must say! Then I took an old (clean) yoghurt pot and filled with luke warm water. I then put a couple of drops of the black polish into the water and then lightly sprayed a mix of alcohol gel & a few drops of water, from a slight distance, over the water. After which, I dipped in my nails, removed the excess and removed them again. I did the thumb on it's own but did the others two nails at a time; which I think is why the spots spread lol! Finally I topcoated.


 Color Club - Warhol, Sinful Colors - Pinky Glitter, Avon - Licorice, Color Club - 3in1, Alchol Gel/Water Mix.

MissLanage x

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