GOT Polish Challenge: Green

Thursday 6 February 2014

Hmm... I don't like green, not on my nails and not really in fashion... unless it's a pastel/jade sort of colour, but even then I'm not over-keen. So I sat and thought about things I like that are green. The recurring theme was lawns and plants, explaining the pretty garden scene finding it's way on to my nails today. The lime colour isn't quite a year old, but the others are and a couple are over three!

I started with two coats of the darker, but still bright, green polish. Once dry, I sponged on the lime polish and I was dead pleased with the effect that resulted; it really looks like a lawn! I then simply took a small dotting tool, dipped it in bright pink and light pink polish, and created the simple flowers with five and four petals respectively. I then finished with the yellow centres and a topcoat.

I was sooo pleased with how this turned out, my other half was a fan too. I'm not an accomplished sponger by any means, especially with these colours, so had no idea how it would turn out. It's gotta be a recent favourite for sure! They'd be perf' for a festival this summer don't you think?!

Barry M - Spring Green, Key Lime, Shocking Pink, Strawberry Icecream, Yellow, Color Club - Topcoat, Small Dotting Tool, Makeup Sponge

MissLanage x

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