Tara's Talons: Neptune Swatch & Spectacles Ring

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Hello lovelies!

I'm in a super good mood today for some reason... I think it's because I felt spring in the air for the first time this year this morning and the sunshine has been out all day! To compliment my happy mood and because I was so eager to get home from work and try it, I have yesterday's lovely nail mail from The Tara Emporium to show you :) I was lucky enough to snag the last bottle of limited edition Neptune at the same time I picked up the coolest gold plated spectacles ring, which I had spyed on Tara's Instagram account!!!


I've got studying and some blog design coding to battle with this evening so it's just a quick swatch. Though, with a name like Neptune, it won't be long before it appears in a Saturday Swatch post; so many awesome accent nail art choices with that name! I can't believe I didn't spot this beauty before being such a greyphile?! It's a semi-matte, opaque, silvery-grey base with mixed sized glitters in greens, blue, bronze and gold. Beauuuuutiful!


This was two coats with topoat. I just love that shimmery, metallic grey base and the glitters suit it perfectly! It is jam packed with glitters so can be a little bumpy on application but a topcoat evened it all out nicely. You could even get away with using a thin coat of this over another grey base for a more subtle look... I may just try that! 

How cute is this ring?! I love it! Me and my other half have a sort of 'in joke' about his hate of people wearing this style of black framed specs with no lenses hahaha, so it tickled him too!


MissLanage x


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