*NEW* Models Own Hypergels - Part II - Pastels

Saturday 1 February 2014

Whoooooah... How late?!

Weeeeell... Today's swatch post is little late, but if you follow me on fb/twitter/instagram you will know that I have been a busy recreating some of my nail art for something rather exciting!... All will be revealed in good time :)

It's time for the swatches of the pastels; again, first the swatches and then my thoughts. If you missed the first of bright hypergels, check it out HERE. The pictures came out a little on pasty side in my bright lights, but a pretty good representation all the same.


This is Naked Glow, one of the nicest nudes I've seen on me.




Now, Pink Veneer, the most PERFECT baby pink EVER.




Next, Lilac Sheen, a  really stunning shade.




Finally, Cornflower Glint, simply beauuuutiful!



Can you tell from my descriptions that I love these??? LOL! I was happy with the brights, but not bowled over... These pastels on the other hand, have really impressed me! Not only are the colours some of the best I've ever seen in a pastel collection, the shine on them seems more prominent too! 

I used the same method of one thin and streaky coat, followed by a nice, thick coat while the first was still tacky. I know it's a little unusual (and I'm not even sure what made me try it when applying for the first time) but it seems to work pretty well, as long a you make gentle and few strokes. The coverage is second to none where pastels are concerned, really pleased with them. They too wer touch dry in 5 minutes, smudge proof in 30 and stood up to harsher knocks pretty quickly (around an hour or so).

So now, after reviewing all eight, I'm SUPER happy with my purchases! These have more than made up for the slightly flat reaction to the brights. I do love them but not like I love these. I've never found my perfect baby pink - but now I have; and that cornflower?! *drool*

MissLanage x


  1. Love these! Wish I could afford all 10 :D especially at half price :( will miss out on it for sure! xx

    1. Yeah, I'm thinking I wish I'd ordered the coral now too :/ sorry you'll miss out... there's always the 3 for 2's once they are on the highstreet ;) xx


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