The Barry M Silk Collection

Saturday 15 February 2014

Afternoon all!
Hope everyone is alright after those terrific storms last night! Not only am I surrounded by floods and then have a bomb scare near my workplace, now there are trees down all over the roads and railways! I'm staying safely indoors thank you please :) so spent my morning swatching the gorgeous new Barry M Silk Collection!... I was only going to buy four of them, but when I got to Superdrug on Wednesday, they had buy one get one half price... so I couldn't pass up the whole set given the two I wasn't so bothered about, would then work out free, right?! LOL. 

As usual with me, I will swatch all the colours and then review at the end... the third picture of each is with a topcoat; I was intrigued to see how that would look...


This is the white - 'Pearl' - Aptly named!


With topcoat it came alive even more!




Next, the beige/nude - 'Truffle' - or Champagne for me!


I don't think a topcoat brought anything extra to the party with this colour...




Third in line, the green - 'Meadow' - Hmmm... not too keen...


Again, topcoat didn't do much for it, and the colour still isn't growing on me!




This is the pink - 'Blossom' - I love it!!!


Simply stunning colour and finish, with and without topcoat!




Now the blue - 'Mist' - Another stunner!


Though I love the silk finish, I think like the Pearl, a topcoat brought this one alive!




And saving the best 'til last, lilac - 'Heather' - My favourite!


This one, like the pink, looked great both with and without a topcoat.



So what do you think? I'm loving this collection! Perfect, delicate shades for spring and going into summer. I remember when the first pictures came out, a few of us bloggers/polish addicts, were relieved to see 'matte finish' in the description. I expected with a sheen they would be just TOO metallic. But after trying a topcoat on these I'm surprised, some look amaze!


The formula is great, three thin coats best achieved a perfect, opaque finish; but they dry really fast so that was no issue at all. The silk effect was definitely well achieved in this collection and just gorgeous with that pearlised sheen within it. Could be named satin as well as silk?! I think they will stamp real good so will be bringing you some silk stamping in the week :) They may well end up being my favourite collection of the year!

MissLanage x


  1. I'm still not quite sure about these. Your swatches look fab but they're a little too close to frosty for me to embrace them totally!

    1. Hahaha, thanks! You're not alone, lots of people aren't quite sure what to make of them... I personally love the frosty finish, but I love matte nails! With topcoat they are very, very pretty too! :)


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