*NEW* Models Own HyperGels - Part I - Brights

Thursday 30 January 2014

Oooh I'm super excited today! My bargain HyperGels nail mail arrived already! How super fast was that delivery?? 24 hours from order to doorstep, can't beat that!!!... Calls for a second post!

I didn't really buy these because I wanted 'hypergel', I've never really understood this fad?! You choose gel for a true, deep colour and gloss, but mainly for the longevity; like two to three weeks long. I don't really believe any polish is going to beat those qualities right now... But, I wanted to keep an open mind and assess this 'gel finish' for myself... and add to the colours in my Models Own collection, at the moment it's aaaalllll glitter lol!


 Tonight I'm going to be showing you the top four in the mail, the brights as I have put it. I opted out of the orange and red polishes in this collection as I'm just not keen on those colours on my nails. I have seen quite a few swatches of the pastels already so thought they could wait until tomorrow... I'll start off with the swatches and then share my thoughts :)


This is White Light a lovely bright white.




This is Turquoise Gloss an intense turquoise.




Third is Cerise Shine, a deep, hot pink.




Last but not least is Blue Glint, a gorgeous, rich blue.



So, that's the swatching done, now for the review...

... I am LOVING the colours. The shine is really impressive for regular polish but, knowing gel mani's, I'm not sure they can quite claim to have the same shine. It doesn't have that same depth and richness of gloss and colour at all; it's just more shiny than usual. Shouldn't they be making our pretties as shiny as possible anyway?! In fact, finishing a regular manicure with my favourite Color Club topcoat gives a just as good, if not better, gel like finish! 

The coverage is great but you may find the formula a little thick; the polish becomes tacky and sticky fairly quickly. That's great for drying time but can be a little messy if you take your time or need to touch up. I found the best finish was achieved by applying one thin (slightly streaky) coat, followed by one thick smooth coat before the first was completely dry. Do Not be tempted to brush over and over, the fewer strokes the better with these for sure. As mentioned, they dry super quick - was touch dry in 5 minutes and smudge proof in 30. They also quickly stood up to knocks, scrapes and washing up!

Overall, I'm happy with my purchases, especially at half price!... Great colours, fast drying and hard wearing... oh and shiny lol, just not THAT shiny. If I was doing a special mani or nail art with these polishes, I'm sorry to say, I would still topcoat. 

What do you think? Did you manage to grab some bargains in the sale?

MissLanage x

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