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Sunday 27 April 2014

Hello folks!

After swatching the Moyra polishes I was sent to review last week, I knew two of them would go together perfectly in a dotticure... I was really impressed with these polishes and it's rare you get a glitter polish suitable for dotting, but as soon as I'd used this one, I knew it was up to the job. I was not diasappointed!


Simple as you like, starting with two coats of the gorgeous pastel green colour. Next I used my largest dotting tool, dipped in a generous blob of the polish and then just dotted repeatedly without replenishing the polish to create the different sized spots... That's it! Ordinarily I would have topcoated but these will be changed tomorrow :)


I really LOVE how this came together, I don't think I've ever done glittery spots before because as I mentioned, not many are up to it (clear bases/sparce glitter/chunks too big) and the sparkly magenta against the creme pastel shade is just scrummy lol!

Moyra - No. 90, No.100, Large Dotting Tool

You can check out Moyra polishes in the UK via their Facebook page HERE.

Rebecca xxx
*these products were sent to me for honest review*


  1. Lovely, great combination and as you say, good to find a glitter polish up for being dots!

    1. Thank you! When I thought about it, I'm really not sure I have many, if any others that could do it?! Hmmm...


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