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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Late one again tonight peeps!

I loved the Nails Inc colours I used first time around so much, I decided I'd use them all over again. This time I added a lovely pearlescent off-white to the mix :) I had no intention of it, but they look distinctly Easter-ish now I really look at them... not long now eh?! Sooo late this year!


So for this simple mani I started with two coats of the blue and pink, and three of the yellow. I then left them to dry for a good half an hour to fourty five minutes. I then placed on two zig-zag nail vinyls on each nail and added two coats of the white and removed the strips before it had completely dried and topcoated... Now I'm in the mood for an egg!


So in love with these Nails Inc Pastels I must say, I think that yellow definitely is my 'one', been searching for the 'my' right shade of this difficult colour for I don't know how long?!... And people please tell me, what nail vinyls do you recommend? I just love these things :) takes me back to tape on canvas days!

Nails Inc - Royal Botanical Gardens, Notting Hill Carnival, Walton Place, Mayfair, Color Club - Topcoat, Nail Art Vinyls

Rebecca xxx

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