GOT Polish Challenge: Pastel

Thursday 3 April 2014

Ok quick confession...
... Due to having a busy/stressed out fog in my head this week, I completely forgot what I was doing this pastel manicure for and failed to use golden oldie polishes. Dun dun dun... lol! I didn't want to not post and also didn't have time to re-do it so I'm posting this mani anyway :) Nails Inc again...


Three coats of all but the blue and purple which only took two followed by a coat of sparkly diamonds... That's it. Hahaha. Quick 'n' easy mani, perfect for a week like this!


Was a bit disappointed that the purple was a lot darker on the nail than it looked in the bottle but nevermind. Loved all these colours together in a skittle look and a bumble bee in the garden seemed to like them too. The diamond topcoat was easy to apply and wasn't too 'sticky uppy' haha. Though I would have topcoated if I wanted it to last any length of time.

Nails Inc - Royal Botanical Gardens, Notting Hill Carnival, Walton Place, Lisle Street, St John's Wood, Diamond Arcade

Rebecca xxx


  1. Stunning, i love pastel colours they look gorgeous in spring and summer seasons. Im really digging peachy shades at the moment.

    You should check out my latest entry there is a brilliant deal on 11 nail polishes +3 free gifts and pretty cheap too plus there nail strips.... OMO lol :)

    1. Thanks hun, I love pastels too! Will be sure to take a look at your page and post :)


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