TPC: Pink, Blue, Yellow

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Hello lovely, lovely ladies!

April is upon us already and this month's tri-polish colours are pink, blue and yellow. Perfect colours for Spring! I picked out three lovely pastels from Nails Inc; I got them in the last Lucky Dip (brights) offer they did and was still yet to try them. I then decided to do a silver highlight around the cuticle, a look I've been meaning to do for ages!!


This was so, so simple. Three thin coats of each pastel in alternating fashion and then a good 30 minute wait to ensure they were fully dry. Next I used some french mani style nail vinyls to tape off the crescent shape at the cuticle and painted in silver. I removed the vinyls immediately and then once dry, topcoated. EASY.


It was the first time using these colours and the vinyls and I must say, both really impressed me. I'm not usually a fan of yellow, but this shade is just lovely. In fact they all are! Bold yet soft and pretty quick drying, I love them and can't wait to try the others now. The vinyls were so easy to use too, great stick with no hassle peel off, I'm not sure where these ones are from but I'll be asking my friend because I want MORE hahaha.

 Nails Inc - Royal Botanical Gardens, Notting Hill Carnival, Walton Place, Barry M - Silver Foil, Color Club - Topcoat, French Tip Nail Vinyls

Rebecca xxx


  1. This mani look amazing. Maybe it's the creamy pastels, but they remind me of Easter candies. The silver accent is the perfect touch!

    1. Thank you! It does remind me a little of Easter :)

  2. Perfect! You mixed great colors! Love that effect:)


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