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Sunday 13 April 2014

Hi loves...

... Apologies for my erratic posting of late, this week has been mad again; I prepared for a rigorous interview and landed the job, got myself a new lil fur baby - a Syrian hamster I've named Humbug and am now preparing to say goodbye to my boy whilst he heads off to work in China for two weeks!... But, regular posting now resumes, life is good... and so are these new Hypergels!


I picked these up at the Bottleshop in Westfield last weekend when I went in for the Polish for Tans Collection (which you can see HERE), I didn't even know they were releasing them, I saw another bright red and an orange I think but took these three. A hot light pink, bright purple and a red.



This is Searing Pink, a lovely coral pink which is flamingo to me :) two coats.




Next is Purple Glare, a bright mauve which I am loving! Two coats.




Last up tonight is Sundress, a pinky/red I wanna call pomegranate lol. One coat.



Hope you like the swatches; they all applied really well, perhaps better than the last lot, they seemed a little more fluid. Drying time was short and the shine is plain to see. Really loving these colours, especially the pink and purple... I look forward to seeing a little more about them, all been very quiet compared to the launch of the first set of Hypergels!

Rebecca xxx

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