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Sunday 22 March 2015

Hi loves!
I know, I know, I'm a week behind schedule with this one but the fog has cleared and I'm back in action... So tonight I'm bringing you into my favourite place in my house (apart from bed), the Nail Room! I'm fortunate enough to have a spare room that I can spread out, explode, create, make a mess and feel like a child in hehehe. To think that when I started blogging I literally had about ten nail polishes in a makeup bag, my phone and a laptop, moving with me from room to room like hobo's LOL!... And now this...

lanes-lacquers-nail-room (2)

Above is my nail desk where as you can see I practice my nail tech stuff on my resident client (nail trainer), study and do all my mani's. It's home to the essential nail products, towel and lamp. I also do some writing and planning on that second rather DIY desk back there which houses the laptop and essential stationary...

lanes-lacquers-nail-room (4)

You can see that as my needs have grown, so has my need for desk space! Soon I'm planning to get a whole new wrap-around setup going but for now, two floating shelves wedged between radiator (which is turned off) and slim window ledge it is. It actually works just fine and I like having the sun on my face whilst not on my screen! Down in the corner are all my nail related files, books and magazines...


So this is the what we see on the other side of the desk, I just love how light and calming this room is and with ALL those mini rainbows on the walls this is my happy place! That Models Own bag on the floor is packed full with polish that needs rehoming hahaha! I just noticed that you can also see my decopatch 'R' on the door, yet another hobby I dabble in now and then!...

lanes-lacquers-nail-room (3)

Here you can see the home for the rest of 'the stash'. In the drawers live all my polish and nail art surplus, my pro kit stock, packaging materials and umm... my day to day cosmetics. Up top in the Wah Nails case and cosmetic bag, is all my pro nail art stuff and the piggy is a piggy bank! The zebra case holds all my in-use pro kit including lamp and the lil purple case is where I store my stamping stuff. The owly box holds all my hobby stuff which includes planner/stationary goodies, painting/drawing/colouring-in bits and bobs, fimo clay, liquid latex, decopatch papers blah, blah, blah. On top of that magic box is one of my nail art displays that I did for my VTCT.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour around my haven?! Don't worry, you'll get a closer look at the stash next Sunday and if you're wondering about the shelves, you can make them like I did - Check out my DIY Nail Polish Shelf post!

Next Week: The Stash!

Rebecca x


  1. Wow! Awesome, wish I could have that kinda setup.

    1. Thanks! Indeed I am a lucky girl, there's still some work to do but I think it'll always be evolving!

  2. Haha, the bed is my fave place in my home, too. :) But the nail room would be such a fun place. Loved seeing yours.

    1. Oh yes, can't beat bed!! :D But I do love my 'play room' too, glad you enjoyed a lil nosey around I love seeing other people's spaces x


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