Alcohol Inks: Pearl Additive

Thursday 30 April 2015

Evening all!
I've been a bit off-beat with my posts over the last week because I've been busy with all my case studies and homework for my VTCT nail course! I'm almost there, I should be able to hand it all in for marking in the next week or two, yay! I'll then have some exams and my practical assessment to do and that's it, I'll be qualified at last. The end is in sight so I must keep going!... I have managed to pull out my alcohol inks for a quick play though. Being the addicted shopper I am, when I bought my inks I had to see what 'accessories' I could get go with them and I found additives online, pearl was my favourite so here I am dipping my toe in new waters...


I started with two coats of white as a base and waited for it to dry fully. I then took my alcohol inks and dropped each on to it's own little sponge, patting them on to the nails and blending with the solution one finger at a time. Once the colour was as I wanted I took the pearl additive on another sponge and gently went over the top, a word of warning, a little goes a REALLY long way hahaha! I fixed the inks with a quick spritz of hairspray before finishing with topcoat.

adirondack-alcohol-inks-pearl-additive-nail-art (2)

I luuurve this look, it's very boho, very me! It's so loose and dreamy and makes a beautiful mani in it's own right but also makes a great base for further nail art... I will show you that tomorrow ;) The pearl additive is just lovely, it on it's own would be enough to transform any standard polish manicure and I can't wait to try it in some different combinations!

Barry M: Cotton, 3in1. Adirondack Alcohol Ink: Sunshine Yellow, Raspberry, Pool, Pearl Additive, Blending Solution. Elnett: Hairspray.

If you haven't had a go with inks yourself I highly recommend trying them out! Anyone can make a striking mani out of a plain base with just a few dabs of the sponge and it cleans up so easily with the blending solution; they'll also last for yearrrrrs. I got mine from Hobbycraft and from various shops on Amazon, never more than £3.00/ea.

Rebecca x


  1. Your sponging is awesome. The colors work really well together!

    1. Ahh thanks so much! I do love a bit of sponging :)


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