Humpday Hare: King Of Carat Flowers

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Good evening lovely ladies!
Tonight I've got something a bit different to show you... First up, I'm part of a Hare Polish Appreciation group on Facebook where each Wednesday some of the ladies share their humpday mani's using a Hare Polish and after months of watching on, I decided to jump in and join in this week! I chose King Of Carat Flowers because I knew I wanted to do the hare motif as my accent nail art, it is Spring after all and Hares and 'carats' seemed a fun match. Secondly, it's a bit different because the nail art method I used is a new discovery to me and was a total accident.... TRACING PAPER!!!


This is three thin coats of the Hare with topcoat. Now the accent nail... I was drawing out my design on paper, deciding between whole hare or head of hare; I settled for head when I realised it would be a great fit on my still nubby nails. To make sure of this I whipped out a bit of old tracing paper and a pencil to trace the head from the bottle before cutting it out with a craft blade to line up - perfect match! I was about to draw it out with a white nail art pen when I thought - Why not just stick this on??? I coloured the back of the paper with the white nail art pen and while still wet, placed on the nail. I then gave a quick spritz of hairspray to fix the pencil and topcoated twice...


I never really expected this to work; surely the pencil will smudge, the paper edges will curl, it'll be a manky mess... But no!?! I'm chuffed with how it looks and how smooth it feels, you just cannot tell it's tracing paper under there! I love the sketch-like look of the hare, though I shouldn't really be surprised given that it is in fact a traditional sketch, paper and pencil!

 Hare Polish: King Of Carat Flowers. Barry M: 3in1, White Nail Art Pen, Daler & Rowney: Tracing Pad, Soft Pencil, Craft Blade.

I love a happy accident and just think of the possibilities!...

Rebecca x


  1. I am in love with your nails! The tracing paper and what you did to make it into a decal is bloody brilliant.
    What a fantastical HDH debut, I hope you'll keep joining in :-D <3

    1. Ahhh thanks so much Shelby!! Too kind! I will definitely be joining in again, any excuse to get the collection of hare's out to play! :D x

  2. Wow I love the new technique! So cool that you found it by accident too!
    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc

    1. Thanks Amy, a discovery you're not even trying to make is the best kind haha! :) x


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