Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Neon & Indie

Tuesday 21 April 2015

What a beaut of a day loves! 
I spent another afternoon pottering in the garden and the sun was soooo lovely on my face... This week's promtps are perfect for a hot summer mani to match and I knew exactly what combination I was going to use. Grey and neon are a favourite duo of mine and the best of both in my collection are Picture Polish LakoDom and the Models Own Suntan Shades...


I used three thin coats of the PP for the base to build the holo and opacity up. I next stamped with the neons using the tribal pattern part of the MoYou London plate, I was impressed with just how well the Models Own performed actually! Finished with a coat of Barry M 3in1.

picture-polish-lakodom-neon-tribal-print-nail-art (2)

Lurrrving this look, even on my smalls I think the design holds up pretty well and there's enough of the grey peeking through to pick up the holo prettiness! Summerrrrr! Lol.

Picture Polish: LakoDom. Models Own: Bikini, Shades. Barry M 3in1. MoYou London: Artist 11.

In case you didn't get to enjoy the blue skies today, here's a little peek at it from under the cherry blossom tree in my garden...


Back again tomorrow with a beautiful Hare Polish and a nail art discovery I made while designing the accent nail to go with it!

Rebecca x

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