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Monday 20 April 2015

Hello beauties!
This stash post is a little delayed due to an unwelcome interaction between a rather large wasp and my foot while pottering in the nail room last night! Safe to say I screamed obscenities at it and then pummeled it to death lol! Anyways, after fifteen hours of pain it finally gave me a break so I could get going again... On to THE STASH!

We'll start off with the polish stored on the wall shelves I made - if you want to make some for yourself, you can check out my DIY Polish Shelf post.


This first group is mainly indies and some random high street brands which have crept into the space where old indies stood... I decided after my collection was getting out of control to stick to just a handful of my MOST favourite brands which are: Hare Polish, Picture Polish, Jindie Nails, Glam Polish, Polish Me Silly and Dollish... Any others randoms, I just couldn't bare to part with yet in my de-stash!... I noticed from this snap that the top shelf had dropped on the left, quickly rectified with the glue gun ;)

lanes-lacquers-behind-the-blog-nail-polish-stash (2)

Group two is a gorgeous collection of some high street loves: Models Own, Maybelline ColorShow, China Glaze and Nails Inc... The Bourjois were a gift from my bestie, all my fave blues. I just love the array of colours on this shelf!

lanes-lacquers-behind-the-blog-nail-polish-stash (3)

The final and favourite group, the Barry M collection! It also houses my OPI and Color Club favourites. This group is constantly growing, with Bazza's LOL. In fact those OPI now need rehoming because the Sunset's are here!... All total these shelves hold FIVE HUNDRED or more of my precious pretties...

Now we'll have a look at my nail art supplies...


The stamping collection... That little purple box that has been with me since I was sixteen years old holds ALL of this (bar the huge cheeky plate)! I have just over forty MoYou London XL and Full Plates, and thirty or so mixed round/hexagonal plates from Cheeky, MoYou and She Sells Sea Shells. I have tried various stampers and the original pink Konad is still my absolute favourite with the square squishy from god knows where coming in second!


Ahhhh, my gorgeous WAH Nails case always cheers me up! Inside the three elastic pockets on the right side I manage to squish those hundred or more stickers, transfers and vinyls; while on the left I store two sets of nail art tools, brushes and pens in the elastic hoops; one set for blogging and one set for pro use. In the middle is the handy zippy bag where I store all those striping tapes, foils and 3D nail decorations like bows, steam-punk pieces and googly eyes haha! I also keep my set of mini acrylic paint pots in this case.

lanes-lacquers-behind-the-blog-nail-art-stash (2)

These are all the little extras that live in seperate areas... First up the pigments and glitters in the top left which mainly live in the pro kit (below) for acrylics and gels, but occasionally come out to play with regular polish for the blog. Top right is a little bag of stud and diamante wheels that tends to stow away in the WAH case. Lastly, the bottom two snaps are my alcohol inks and nail essentials kit which live happily together on my nail desk.


As mentioned above, the pro kit... This is a Roo Beauty Mamba case, an awesome present from my mumsy when I started nail school training eighteen months ago! Top right are two little drawers, the bottom one is split in two and houses my NSI Attraction acrylic kit and Star Nails fibreglass and silk kit. The top one is home to my Cuccio Pronto gel polish supplies. Bottom left is my Cuccio Color and Veneer polishes. In the centre is the bulk of my nail tech kit including UV lamp, manicure products and my pro tools and brushes which are kept in that Bazza bag pictured bottom right.


We're finally at the end guys, this is the stocks and spares... Up top is a shoebox full of polish that I need rid of LOL... There's roughly one hundred indies, high ends and high streets in there now so I really must re-do my de-stash!!! Bottom left is my drawer of pro kit stock and bottom right is another shoebox of polish that was once on the shelves and a load of nail art goodies I rarely, if ever use.

That took blooming ages! I really hadn't realised just quite how much stuff I had managed to accumilate over the last couple of years, it's a little crazy?!!... But hey it's my passion, I love it and it makes me happy! Hope you enjoyed this little nosey behind the scenes...

Next week: Nail Tech Study Update

Rebecca x


  1. Wow that's an insane collection! I love your Barry M shelf, and it looks like you have some great Color Club polishes.
    I'm so intrigued by your big stamping kit as well, I've never tried it myself and it's hard to know where to start, do you have any recommendations?
    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc

    1. Hahaha, it is a bit! I am a huge Bazza fan, I blame him for my nail polish obsession, making all these pretties so affordable lol!
      I would recommend the MoYou London plates to start with, I've never known anyone have trouble picking up their images. I love my small, original pink Konad stamper the most but the square squishy types that MoYou stock are very good too once primed with a little buffing :)

    2. Fab thank you for the tip!
      I went on a wild goose chase yesterday looking for the MoYou sets in Boots but it seems they're only stocking them online now so looks like I will have to take the plunge and order them!

    3. You're welcome! I noticed the distinct lack of the boxes in my local Boots too... That explains it! Once you've got the hang of it you'll love the extra string to your nail art bow! Look forward to seeing how you get on :)

  2. woooow! that is THE Collection! I showed my husband, who claims that I'm crazy with my collection (not more than 200) ;) Barry M shelf is also my fave :D

    1. Hahaha thank you! I'm sure there are better out there but I do love mine ;) Hope hubby will cut you some slack on the polish front now lol x

  3. Ugh, I want your Barry M shelf! :D

    1. Ahhh I'd gladly share if you lived nearby lol! :)


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