Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Negative Space & Three Pastels

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Hello there!
I had so many bright ideas for the designs for the next few prompts... But they've had to be scaled back a bit due to my poor tiny nails! Originally this dotticure was going to be accompanied by some tiny hand drawn flowers but on canvasses so small it would of ended up too smushed up lol. Even so, I quite liked this Japanese-y style simple nail art...


This was an all Barry M affair and first up was a lick of clear base coat... Then I took a medium dotting tool and dipped into each of the colours alternately, dotting in threes until I had the desired look. Finished with a final coat of three in one and popped the kettle on!

barry-m-negative-space-pastel-dotticure-nail-art (2)

I love how quick and simple this was, think of the bazillions of colour combinations you could do?! It's an ideal nail art for anyone and everyone to get a bit of pretty on their nails this Spring/Summer... Even with lil ones like mine! One trick to keeping the appearance neat is too make sure you cover the majority of the white free edge with dots ;)

Barry M: 3in1, Sky Blue, Fondant, Lemon Ice Cream. Small/Medium Dotting Tool (Amazon).

Rebecca x


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