*NEW* OPI Sheer Tints!!!

Saturday 29 March 2014

Check these out my lovelies!...


...Do excuse my haphazard posts this week; been a very busy bee indeed and it was my birthday yesterday!... 29 Argh! Lol!... I had a fabby morning kicked off with a lay in; followed by going to meet the very lovely Sam of Fingerfood Nails for hot chocolate, nail gossip AND to pick up the OPI Sheer Tints that she very kindly ordered for me, heavenly! It was so very nice to meet a fellow nail blogger/tech in the flesh at last and I'll look forward to our next get together :)


So in this collection we have a Pink - Be Magentale With Me, a Yellow - I'm Never Amberrassed, a Purple - Don't Violet Me Down and a Blue - I Can Teal You Like Me. They are sheer topcoats to use alone for a simple hint of colour, over white for bright or ombre looks and over other polishes to add a hint of colour; whilst also providing you with a super glossy, fast drying and hard wearing topcoat! Amazeballs!



I'm Never Amberrassed

Be Magentale With Me

Don't Violet Me Down

I Can Teal You Like Me

These swatches consisted of a simple two coats over my natural nails. The polish is a little like sugar syrup (it also looks good enough to eat), so I recommend you have a good amount on your brush and just glide/float a coat on and use as few strokes as possible; they were by no means hard to work with though. Loved the candy shine and rock hard finish with just that hint of colour... I wasn't too keen on the yellow though, unless nicotine stained/dead is a look you're aiming for?!


I had to try a rainbow ombre...


So simple... I did two coats of white and then simply overlapped two colours on each nail three times over, they blended beautifully! Each coat dried so fast the whole thing took me 30 mins while watching Eastenders lol. The easiest ombre I've ever done and with a bit of practice with them, I think I could improve on it.

I'm gonna finish up by simply saying... Buy them ALL!!! Hahaha ;)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Rebecca xxx


  1. Happy b-day :)

    I *love* that rainbow mani! It'd be the only way I'd wear these tints :)

    1. Thank you! :)
      I agree it's the best use of them, can't see me using them 'as is' very often :)

  2. Awesome rainbow! I like it:)
    And happy birthday!:))

  3. Love the rainbow gradient progression (my favorite way to wear them)! I've been waiting for someone to show these polishes this way ad you did exactly what I was hoping to see and I'm loving the end result (yes, so much so I said it twice!). Also, Happy Birthday!

    1. Hahaha thanks so much Christine! Nice to hear such great feedback :) x

  4. It was great to meet you! The polishes look fab. I tried them out today and was glad I read this post first as I was able to apply generously from the off - they're definitely not a "thin coat" formula :) xx

    1. You too! Glad my post was helpful :) definitely a thick coat only job with these!! xx

  5. that rainbow ombre is so cute, love it



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