Instagram Inspired: Emilio Ramos with Pictorial

Saturday 25 October 2014

Hello loves! 
I've spent the last week in hospital (suspected crohn's disease) so apologies for my absence, I've missed painting my nails and blogging heaps! Back at home now and have a couple of pre-prepared mani's to get posted for you...
Had I been at work on Friday, I would have been taking part in 'Wear It Pink Day' for Breast Cancer Awareness... In preparation for this I did a manicure inspired by the fabulously talented Emilio Ramos, incorporating pinks and ribbons :)


This one started with two coats of the baby pink on all but the accent nails. I then used a large dotting tool to add the hot pink spots and used a pink nail art pen to add the highlights finishing with topcoat. For the accent nails I started with two coats of a beige and drew out the main features with a black Sharpie pen. I used the same hot pink polish for the bandanas and used pink and white nail art pens to add the ribbon design. I used yellow and brown polishes for the hair and then added the smaller details with my black Sharpie and nail art pens again... pictorial below!

emilio-ramos-breast-cancer-awareness-nail-art (2)

So pleased with how this turned out, these Instagram inspired mani's are really bringing out my creativity again and helping to boost my confidence in my abilities hahaha!


1. Two coats of base colour
2. Draw initial outlines
3. Fill with colour
4. Add finer facial details
5. Add bandana details
6. Topcoat and clean-up

 Barry M: Lychee, Dragon Fruit, Pink Punch, Mushroom, Lemon Icecream, Color Club: Topcoat, Barry M Nail Art Pens and Black Sharpie


Here's a few pieces of Emilio's work that I love, check out his Instagram HERE for more awesome art! I'll get my Miss Mindful inspired mani up soon :)

Rebecca x

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