Instagram Inspired: Zukie Art with Pictorial

Friday 10 October 2014

Ooooh, I'm so excited about this series of mani's, each with it's own pictorial!!! 
I follow an awful lot of different artists, crafters and designers on Instagram, it's an endless source of inspiration and images that just simply bring a little bit of joy to your day; safe to say it's the only social media I wouldn't wanna live without! When I first thought about the idea of creating manicures inspired by those I follow, twelve names instantly sprung to mind and first on the list was Zukies...


I started with three thin coats of white. For the thumb I sponged on the four Zukie colours of yellow, purple, hot pink and green; I then used a nail art pen to write with and sealed with topcoat. For the cute lil creatures on my fingers I drew a guide line where I wanted the head to reach and filled in with polish, a couple of coats of each. I then used the black pen again to go over that initial guide line and draw on the different faces. I used white and pink pens to add the details and again, went over with the black to crisp up the lines a little and of course topcoated.

zukie-art-barry-m-freehand-nail-art (2)

I love the bright, funky style of Miss Zukie's creations and I must get a hold of a Zukie doll one day; if you are not familiar with her work, check it out!!! Transfers over to nail art so well too, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and all the other upcoming Instagram Inspired posts. I do hope the artists concerned approve of my handiwork too!


If you want to have a go at a similar look, the pictorial above shows you how to build the layers.

1. Paint base colour
2. Draw initial outline
3. Fill with colour
4. Add initial facial feature outlines
5. Add details and highlights
6. Re-draw initial outlines to crispen them and topcoat

Barry M: Matte White, B322, Bikini, A321, B321, Color Club: Topcoat, Barry M Nail Art Pens and Jewellery Sponge

Check back next Friday for something Miss Mindful inspired... In the meantime take a quick look at some of Miss Zukie's art in my collage below and on her website HERE.


Rebecca x

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