Mental Health Awareness Manicure!

Thursday 9 October 2014

Hello loves!
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and I thought it would be a perfect time to re-hash the manicure I did in my Depression Awareness post back in August, as well as updating you on how my journey with depression has been progressing. One thing is for sure, and that is that nails are my therapy, my passion and back on the cards as my future career. I think my thumb sums up how I'm feeling lol...


This mani started with three coats of the neon yellow and two of the neon pink as a base. Next I used a thick white polish to paint on the speech bubble. Then I used a black nail art pen to draw the brain image on to the pink nail (slightly larger than the last one as my nails have grown hahaha) and to add the wording/outline to the speech bubble. Finished off with a nice thick topcoat.

mental-health-awareness-week-nail-art (2)

I think I like the brain better on this mani than the previous one, but I preferred the pink/green contrast to this pink/yellow one!

And me?! Over the last couple of months I have been adjusting to life as someone with 'depression', it sounds funny but in a way, it felt like I was coming out or something! I suppose stigma is stigma at the end of the day and the fear of accepting and sharing your new label is probably similar no matter what that label is... But I have been very lucky, my GP and Occupational Health Team have been amazing, as have my friends and family. 

I have adjusted well (after a couple of initial side effects) to a low dose of medication and I must say I haven't felt this calm and optimistic in years!!! I feel like myself again and I am so relieved!!! I have had regular contact with all of the aforementioned and am soon to start therapy. I am going back to work next week on a phased return and hope to be cutting my hours in the office going forwards. I'm really looking forward to the future!

Models Own: Bikini, Sun Hat, Natural Collection: Nail Tip Whitener, Color Club: Topcoat, Barry M Nail Art Pen

So as someone who had been in a deep, dark hole for a long, long time and is slowly emerging from the other side ok; I will use this opportunity to urge anyone experiencing persistent feelings of fear, frustration, anxiety and hopelessness to ask for help. 

Please speak to your best friend, close family member, GP or one of the many wonderful mental health organisations there are in the world. You are not alone, there is a way out and even some light at the end of that scary tunnel! I promise.

Rebecca x


  1. Thank you so much for this post Rebecca. I have suffered with depression for many years, it's been a real battle. I have medication which I think keeps me on an even keel. Nails are my therapy too, I can't work at the present due to health problems so for me doing a manicure gives me something to do in the day but it always makes me feel glamourous! Thank you for sharing your feelings on your blog, it really helps knowing that you are not alone. Sharing stories and experiences is important, it's such a good feeling that people do care xx

    1. Ahhh thanks for your lovely comments Lucy :) I'm glad to know people would appreciate hearing my story, I know hearing others helped me (at least a little) over the years. The more I talk about it the better I feel, and the more I feel I'm shedding any stigma, or at least any care for it ;) xxx

  2. Good on you both for sharing your stories and your therapy! I dealt with depression for years by "toughing it out" then had a disease intensify it to the point where I'm on a low dose of anti-depressant. Nails are wonderful therapy, and Rebecca, I'm so happy that the career is back on the horizon.

    Plus, I love your brain! :-D

    1. Awww thanks so much for your kind words Jammies :) and yes I forgot to thank Lucy for sharing her story in my reply, thanks Lucy! Thanks for sharing your perspective too lovely, it's amazing how many of us in the nail world get something theraputic from it! I do hope I'll make a good nail tech! :D

  3. Very well said. Love this mani. And good luck to you with everything.


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