Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: 3 Colour Gradient/Pink

Monday 6 October 2014

Monday again folks!...
...And time for my second Pick 'N' Mix challenge mani; like last week I decided to combine the themes because I am planning and prepping lots of posts at the moment :) I chose an ethereal look of whites, blues and of course pink. It's a sort of tribute mani to my lovely Grandma Jean who passed away over the weekend, such a delicate 83 year old flower...


This mani was super simple thanks to some recent Born Pretty transfer purchases! The back of the transfer sheet was white so I just used my topcoat as a base to give it something to adhere to. I then did the usual process of cutting out and soaking the transfer in water, removing from the backing and then placing on the nail. I gave it a firm rub down with a dry cotton pad to remove any excess water and smooth out any creases etc. I finished by popping on a glitter topper and topcoat.

ethereal-nail-art-born-pretty-store-nail-transfers (2)

I loved the very delicate pattern on the transfer but as a whole the manicure just seemed a little too flat... I was at a loss as to what to do, so "when in doubt, just add glitter!" I loved it in person, but in the snaps, it masks the design a little to much... Oh bottoms lol!

ethereal-nail-art-born-pretty-store-nail-transfers (3)

This close up helps give a better picture of what I saw :)

Barry M: Superdrug LE 334, Color Club Topcoat, Born Pretty Store Water Transfer SH-01

If you want to treat yourself at Born Pretty, use my discount code R2X31 for 10% off!

Rebecca x


  1. Super pretty and feminine! The thought behind the mani is so sweet!

  2. They're so cute! I haven't tried water decals before, it's something I should probably look into!
    Also, I've nominated you for a Liebster award :)

    1. Oh you should give them a try hun! So easy to use for a whole mani or as an accent to a mani, and you can mix and match the zillions of designs! :) Thanks for the nomination but I did that a year or so ago, my GFC follower numbers are a little deceiving lol ;)

  3. Very subtle n lovely. Great mani for your grandma.

  4. I like this creation, I'm such a big fan of your nail art creations! <3


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