Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: 60's/Texture

Monday 13 October 2014

Hey peeps!
This week I chose to combine the two Pick 'N' Mix looks again, going for 60's flower power and paper texture. It made for an interesting experience using the renowned pain in the a** Paper Print from Essence. Throughout the mani I learned a few things and will do a special Paper Print post for you soon, so don't throw them away if you've given up hope lol! Think 60's wallpaper in situ after years of neglect and...


Started off with two coats of white as my base. Then as I didn't have any transfer fluid (and it doesn't work), I used good ol' vodka like I always have with newspaper art. As the paper is a little thicker than newspaper, I left it to soak for about three minutes before removing and pressing firmly on to the nail. I immediately placed a cotton pad down on top and pulled tight under my finger, holding for a minute. Next I removed the cotton pad and gently peeled back the paper. It sort of splits like 2 ply so you have to be dead careful. Finished with topcoat.

essence-paper-print-60s-nail-art (2)

Although I didn't intend to create the distressed look, it's actually perfect for the theme! It's sort of washed out and boho, very 60's in look as well as pattern. Really accentuates the texture too. Reminds me of Grandma Jean's wallpaper, though hers remains in perfect condition!

Barry M: Matte White, Color Club: Topcoat, Essence 'Love' Paper Print, Vodka

As I eluded to earlier, look out for an upcoming post with in-depth how-to on the Essence Paper Print. There are two ways to play it!

Rebecca x


  1. These are gorgeous! Super unique and lovely, you've done them really well! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Such a creative nail art design :)
    Thanks for sharing this mani with us!


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