Bubble Fun with Luv Polish!

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Evening Friends!

To make up for a lack of a Saturday Swatch last week (I was busy enjoying the delights of a friends FAB wedding) I decided to do a swatch come nail art post tonight. I already knew just the polish I wanted to use too; Bubble Fun from Luv Polish arrived in one of my nail mails a week or so ago and I've been dying to try it out, it's my first one from this indie brand! Won't be my last! It's a sheer pink polish with dark pink, light pink and holo hexes, I LOVE it!


This is two coats of the sheer pink pretty which gave the right amount of colour without entirely hiding the white free edge or cuticle moon. So on trend for Spring/Summer! I then created the bubbles by drawing different sized circles with a nail art pen, round and round until it was thick; and then whilst still wet, I dipped a cotton bud into some water and dropped into the circles. I left that to sit for a few minutes before dabbing off any remaining water. Sounds more complicated than it is I assure you!... Finished off with topcoat.


So what do you think of the bubbles??? I was quite happy with how they looked in the end... I took a while deciding how I was going to go about creating them and there wasn't much inspiration around to go on with this theme. This technique I remember seeing somewhere for another type of look but worked just great for some bubbles too! 

Luv Polish - Bubble Fun, Color Club - Topcoat, Barry M - White Nail Art Pen

Rebecca xxx


  1. These look really awesome and unusual, I really want to try this! Xx

  2. I love this technique! Will have to try myself real soon!

    1. It's a great technique, never used it before but will defo use it again!! :)


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