TPC: Blue, Green & Purple

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Hey lovelies! 

Little late with this post... I was having issues with Blogger again last night and in the end gave up and had a night off! So, for my second installment of this months tri polish challenge I decided to use the same polishes as in the previous TPC mani but this time opted for a nice dotticure. I'm a big fan of dotticures, quick and simple nail art that looks great! I skittled it up a bit too and switched the colours around...

Started with three coats of each polish, not sure why but they seemed a little thin this time around?! Dried in no time and then it was time to add the dots; I chose the colours of the large spots by simply using the base colour of the previous nail :) I then added the smaller dots around in the only colour that hadn't been used on that nail and finished off with a few gold spots in any sparce looking areas for a bit of contrast before topcoating.

Not blowing me own trumpet in any way, but I loved this mani! Was super popular on Instagram and at work today too :) I think it's the colours, they just get you right in the mood for Spring/Summer which compliments all this sunshine we've been bathed in in London lately!

China Glaze - Highlight of my summer, Too yacht to handle, That's shore bright

Rebecca xxx


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