GOT Polish Challenge: Purple

Thursday 13 March 2014

Morning dolls!

Today's Golden Oldie theme is purple and I've decided, I'm bringing back the beads! In 2012 and 2013 this caviar effect was more popular than I ever imagined it to be... and against my first impressions, I grew to like the technique myself too! Cannot remember the last time I used them?!? So, I paired them with the lovely Pukka Purple and we were off...


Kicked this off with two quick coats of the purple, love this shade and the slightly flat finish, and it also dries super fast! I then coated the accent nails in an old topcoat, so it was more like glue than polish lol, perfect for sticking on beads! So I did just the one thick coat and then sprinkled on the pretty little balls before patting them down securely with a hoof stick. Where any were a little sparce, I pressed in some extra beads using the tip of my finger and then left to dry thoroughly. Done!


I fully expected to have gone off this look again by now... but I haven't! Once it was finished, I was taken by them all over again :) What are your thoughts??? Beads fan or foe???

Models Own - Pukka Purple, Color Club - Topcoat, Mua Nail Constellation

Rebecca xxx


  1. I'm the same, I haven't used beads in so long, but your manicure is so nice I want to use them again now! Definitely a fan :D! Great tip about using an old topcoat by the way, great idea! xx


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