My Weekend in Nail Heaven!

Sunday 2 March 2014

Ahhh... Sunday, I love this lazy-ish day of the week, especially when I have nail mail to play with!
I gave up sharing my monthly nail hauls/nail mail aaaages ago, because frankly, there's too much! LOL. You may have seen the odd nail mail included with swatches but today I'm just going to share Thursday & Friday's nail mail because... it's just so bloomin' good! 

Thursday's nail mail was my delivery from Born Pretty, a mix of my order and items sent for review! AND my first ever items from Born Pretty, how slow am I right?! I finally got my butt into gear, placed an order and registered my blog details. Received a nice selection of transfers, some bought, some sent, a gorgeous surprise wheel of pearls and a nail piercing tool which I needed for my pro kit (rarely used but they'll be that one time...). 


Look out for some awesome mani's and reviews soon!


Secondly, the nail mail that has really sent me to nail heaven this weekend... Not only because of the contents, but because of the thought that went into it and the lovely person I purchased my goodies from. I'll let this picture tell the story...


Look at that! What effort! Each item specially wrapped in both bubble wrap and then cute tissue paper. Then inside a lovely gift bag filled with flower confetti AND a Thank You card... and did I mention next day delivery?! If you're on Instagram, check out the lovely @poshpawspolish and her nail sale over @girlybits4sale. All items, as you can see are brand new; she does great multi-buy deals and as you can see, puts a lot of love into her packages. She's a diamond of a lady and a good friend of mine.


So, a closer look at the goodies inside... We have the China Glaze Sunsationail Cremes & Jellies collections, which I have wanted since last Spring/Summer :) Some OPI Avoplex cuticle oil which I have been dying to try, lord knows my nails need a treat! Picture Polish Serenity - a beauty, and a Golden Rose purple glitter polish. A Ciate mini polish in a bauble which is SO going on the tree this crimbo. Pink and blue Rio nail art striper/pens, and blue and silver striping tape. Some DIY nail polish jewellery and a host of studs and 3D decorations... with some Soap & Glory body butter and a bar of my man's fave chocolate thrown in for good measure. I won the lottery and some awesome mani's are now in planning!

Have you had any recent awesome nail mail?

MissLanage x

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