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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Hi loves!
Apologies for the little lapse in posts, had some switch-er-ooing of tech to do haha! Back in action tonight with a little looksee into the WAH Nails box of tricks I bought from Boots in the January Sales, along with a couple of mani's of course! My initial experience with WAH had been a little 'meh' after buying their nail file and being contacted by them for my feedback. The file wasn't great - as they had suspected and I was offered a polish to review but it never arrived. After a mention of this on social media I was contacted again to confirm if I'd sent my details, which I did, but then I've heard nothing again...


... Nevertheless, as soon as I saw this case I knew I had to have it, I love the WAH style if nothing else! I wasn't fussed about the contents (a variety of polishes, nail art supplies, tutorials and manicure tools) but I NEEDED the case for my pro nail art kit, it's the perfect size with pockets and the ring binder storage etc. I was not willing to pay the RRP so I waited patiently and was rewarded with a £60 discount, much more palateable!


I started with trying out the polish I had sooo wanted to review - the pink No Nails, No Life for obvious reasons and paired it with the lilac colour Mating Surfaces. It took three/four coats to get them fully opaque and without streaks but the finished colours are lovely. I then used the black nail art pen to draw on the doodles and I must confess to being pretty impressed, you will need a confident and steady hand though! Finished with a topcoat.

wah-nails-down-town-nail-art (2)

 I can't deny I love the colours and the brush is a nice wide one, but I don't believe the three/four coats required warrant the current £9 price tag! The formula is very thin and though quick drying, has a rather dull finish; the topcoat is a great addition. The nail art pens have a lovely steady flow which I never expect with this nib design, if you have a steady hand you'll have no problem! The tutorials aren't half bad either.




This lovely blue is An Even Bigger Splash and again took three/four coats to be free of streaks. Though I did like the brushes themselves, I struggled for a comfy grip on the bulky square lids! I used the striper brush part of the pink & black nail art pens to paint on the rough leopard print. The quality of the paint is pretty good and I love the colour of that pink! Finished with topcoat. 

wah-nails-big-leopard-nail-art (2)

Much like the squeezy nibs, I never hold out much hope for the quality of the brushes in nail art pens but I was pleasantly surprised with these ones. You do have to be sure to remove all excess from the shaft of the brush to avoid big scary blobs raining down on your design though! The price tag of £7 is not too bad given the £5.99 price tag of the Models Own versions which are smaller and quite frankly, rubbish!



So overall I would say this experience of WAH was much like the first - Hit & Miss! Most of the tools included are great but the file and buffer not so much. The colour and drying time of the polishes are great but the thin formula, square lids and price tag not so much. The pens will work for the confident but not for the novice. The tutorials are pretty good, the studs and diamantes so-so... The case is beaut!

What do you think? Wah or Blah?

Rebecca x

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