Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Pale Blue & Flowers

Monday 2 February 2015

Woo! Start of a new week in a new month and it's the return of the 52 Week Pick N Mix Challenge, which had been incorporated into the 31 Day Challenge throughout January... This week it's Pale Blue & Flowers and it'll also soon be Valentine's Day so seemed an ideal time to try out some Born Pretty Store water transfers I've had a while now, in pale blue with red roses!


I started with two coats of pale blue for my base. I then covered the index, middle and ring fingers with the nail transfer; using only a strip of the trnasfer down the centres of the pinky and thumb. Finished off with a quick lick of topcoat.

pale-blue-born-pretty-store-rose-water-transfers-nail-art (2)

This was a super quick mani and I really like the stripe, I almost wish I'd done that on every nail now hahaha! The Nails Inc blue almost perfectly matches the Cath Kidston-ish transfer too which was awesome. Think I need to order me some more of these BPS pretties soon, my stash is getting a little thin!

Nails Inc: Royal Botanical Gardens, Color Club: Topcoat, Born Pretty Store: Water Transfers

Check back tomorrow for a look at some OMG Nail Strips!

Rebecca x


  1. I love how delicate and springlike this is!

    1. Thanks lovely, me too! Makes me feel all "somewhere over the rainbow" haha!


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