Look Back & Haul: January

Sunday 1 February 2015

Wow, how fast did January pass us by?!
I thought I'd kick off the new month with a wee look back at the last. 
First the challenge, I'm very pleased that for the first time I completed a full on challenge start to finish without missing a prompt! I'm also pleased with the quality of the mani's I produced - I really put the extra effort in and I think some of my skills have improved with all the practice. I had a good go at a few new things and rediscovered my love for some old techniques, my groove is well and truly grooving haha. Here's a quick collage I put together of my favourites from the challenge...


Next, a quick look at my nail mail for the month... With some crimbo pennies I bought lots of Cuccio Color & Veneer goodies for my pro kit and snagged the lush WAH Nails case set for £25 in the Boots Clearance Sale! I needed a refill of my Bazza white and base and ended up getting a couple extra of the newer coloured shades too, buy one get one half price. Hunted out PP Moscow on a selling site and finally was sent the Gelcure gel polish for review. I just realised I was also sent some OMG Nail Strips but I didn't have a picture of those, though as with the gel polish it will be coming soon in a post!


Finally, some other crafty bits and pieces, some which cross over to nail art. Up top are two Hobbycraft hauls lol; some journal planning goodies and erasers for stamp carving on the left, and some journal planning goodies and alcohol inks on the right. You will have seen those inks on Day 29 of the challenge and they are my new favourite medium! Down below we have my lovely, kawaii Molang planner & stickers from Korea and some super fine gel pens to write in it with from China; last of all some latex which I have had a go with in place of liquid pallisade pretty successfully and plan on trialling in some nail art!


Lots of gorgeous goodies there, plenty of which you will be seeing in reviews and nail art this month, and some which will make an appearance in the new 'Behind The Blog' series which I will be kicking off this week!

See you tomorrow for the return of the 52 week challenge - It was combined with the 31 Day Challenge throughout January.

Rebecca x

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