OMG Nail Strips Review II

Monday 16 February 2015

Hi dears!
I have another OMG Nail Strips design to show you this evening and OMG am I ill!!! Hehe... A cold and a chest infection have had me under the duvet dosed up on Lemsip and Cough Syrup all weekend, romantic huh?!... Anyways, back to these super easy nail strips which are ideal for doing a mani in my current state...


So first I picked the best sized strips for my nails then gave them a light buff to remove any ridges and sheen. Next I placed the stickers down cuticle end first, rubbing down the centre of the nail to the tip and then pressing down the sides from centre to side-wall to minimise creasing. Finally trimmed any overlap at the sides and filed the excess from the tip in gentle downwards strokes. You would usually then follow up with topcoat to seal.

omg-nail-strips-review-snakeskin-nail-art (2)

I love this snakeskin print and the wintery colours, it creates quite a chic mani which isn't always easy with animal print! OMG have a whole heap of pretty designs to choose from and are priced at $7.99/ea (£5.21) or 5 sets for $25.00 (£16.29). Very reasonable because in my opinion the quality is a lot better than the ones you generally find on the high street etc... and they're still cheaper!


OMG also now offer Pamper Party Packs for your own little manicure get together and stock some NFC LED Nail Stickers if you like something a little flashy!

Rebecca x

*the featured product was sent to me FOC for honest review*


  1. These are interesting! I've never personally been a fan of nail strips, but I know that a lot of people can rock ' included!

    1. Thanks lovely! The strips can be so hit and miss, especially size-wise so I was pretty chuffed with these, normally I just avoid them, I'd rather paint anyway! :)


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