*NEW* Barry M: Spring Gelly's & Plumpy Topcoat

Thursday 26 February 2015

Hello beauts!
Tonight I have some swatches and a review of the new Barry M Gelly's and Plumpy Topcoat I picked up the other day... There are three new spring shades - blue, white & lilac and a new topcoat claiming to 'plump' your nails to look more like a proper gel manicure, it's also sporting the new wide, flat brush as seen in the Speedy collection... I will be sharing my swatches of those with you tomorrow!



First up is Sky Blue...


This is three coats with plumpy topcoat. I love this duck-egg blue shade!



Second is Cotton...


This is two coats with plumpy topcoat. It really is crisp white like cotton!



Finally, it's Fondant...


This is three coats with plumpy topcoat. Reminds me of Iced Gems, do they still make those things?



So the verdict on the Gelly's is as usual - they are gorgeous, almost chalky spring time colours with lovely shine but take a two or three coats to be perfect. The Plumpy Topcoat is plumpy in that it is like two coats in one and is very shiny, but it's not even close to 'plumped' feel of a real gel manicure. It's actually lovely to work with but requires as few gentle strokes as possible to avoid tiny bubbles forming. Luckily the wide flat brush makes this totally do-able! *Edit* Drying time... Touch dry very quickly, but because of the thickness it dents and scratches easily for about twenty minutes!


 To give you an idea of it's size, it does my whole pinky finger in just one stroke...

I picked these up in the 2 for £7 on Bazza in Boots... Back tomorrow with seven of the new Speedy polishes!

Rebecca x


  1. Pretty colours! I love the look of the pink and the blue gelly but I've been holding off getting them as they're very similar to other polishes I own. I do have Cotton though, it's a perfect white!
    What's the plumpy topcoat like for drying time? I need a topcoat to be quick-dry above everything! xx

    1. I know what you mean, but I am a total Bazza hoarder and I buy them whether I have a similar or not lol! Think I have around 150 of them now!!! :o Hmm... good question! I should add that info in!! It's quick to be tocuh dry, but dents for a good while... I recommend the Color Club topcoat, it's my number one! xx

  2. Yay for spring pastels! Your swatches always make me go a little crazy when these hit the US stockists. ;-)

    1. Yay bring on the spring colours! Hahaha thanks! I'm sure Bazza would be happy to hear that! :)


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