Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Geometric & Blue, Green, Yellow

Friday 20 February 2015

Ugh, today was a day where I knew exactly what I wanted to do but the universe worked against me with bubbling polish, bleeds under tape, smudges on topcoat etc, etc. Third time was lucky thank heavens; please spare me a day like that for a while!... As soon as I saw the colour requirements for this challenge I knew the polish combination I would use, they've been on my mind as a trio for a while and I remembered this 'double french' design in the WAH nails stuff I got, plans came together!


I started with two coats of that stunning Bazza blue and then taped off a section at the top and bottom. I then used three coats of each of the neons, removing the tape straight after finishing the third and final coat and finished with topcoat. 


I just love how eye-popping those neon's are against the blue! Getting me right in the mood for pools and day-glo bikinis again hahaha!!! Roll on summerrrrrrrrrr!

Barry M: Damson, 3in1, Models Own: Flip-Flop, Bikini, Striping Tape

Rebecca x


  1. Love this! I have a soft spot for blue and yellow.

    1. Thanks Esther! Me too! They were my school colours back in the day haha :)


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