40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Black & White

Friday 6 November 2015

Good afternoon loves.

It's Friday and I'm at home recovering from the heart op' I had on Wednesday which you can read about HERE. This means no fun or fireworks for me this weekend - Boohoo! Fortunately I can still do this from my sick bed so here is this weeks installment of the '40 Great Nail Art Ideas' challenge. The theme this week is black & white and my personal pattern is 'Chevrons' which I paired with negative space for an eye catching result.

40-great-nail-art-ideas-black-and-white-chevron-negative-space-manicure (1)

This was super simple and even quicker to do which surprised me. I placed two chevron (zig-zag) vinyls from She Sells Sea Shells on each nail and pressed down firmly at the edges. I added the black & white with Barry M White and Avon Licorice then finished with Bazza topcoat.

40-great-nail-art-ideas-black-and-white-chevron-negative-space-manicure (2)

I wasn't sure I'd like the bit of white free edge peeping through but actually I think it really adds to the negative space look which I just love, there's something about leaving a bit of the natural nail on show that can make a bold mani like this delicate somehow.

40-great-nail-art-ideas-black-and-white-chevron-negative-space-manicure (3)

Now it's time for me to get back to resting in bed before I get too sore and stiff. Don't forget to see what the other tarts have been up to this week below...

Rebecca x


  1. Lovely manicure and i hope you are up and about in no time - take care!

  2. Gorgeous chevrons! Rest well and may you heal quickly.

  3. These zig zag designs always make me think of Charlie Brown (of the Peanuts gang fame). :) But it's a fun mani!

    P.S.: hope you're doing well.

    1. OMG you're spot on, how had I never seen that?! I LOVE Peanuts! I like it even more now lol thanks!

      Last couple of days were rough, today a little better - getting there thanks lovely :)


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