Throwback Thursday: Christmas Lights

Thursday 26 November 2015

Good evening beauts!

Things have been a little slow here on the blog this week as they have at home. I've been feeling totally out of control of my own body with these SVT episodes and have spent as much time as possible (which is a lot folks) sleeping. Today was the first time I ventured out of the house in a few days because I literally HAD to start my Christmas shopping before it's too late to get things posted. I only managed a measly two hours before I was knackered but I thoroughly enjoyed the cold afternoon, early dark, twinkly lights and even a tiny glass of Bucks Fizz in Boots!

ciate-mineral-clarity-xmas-lights-festive-nail-art (1)

I think these nails featuring the lovely Ciate Mineral Clarity from last years advent calendar are a perfect throwback for today, simply perfect! You can see more details in the original post HERE.

ciate-mineral-clarity-xmas-lights-festive-nail-art (2)

I'll be sharing my '40 Great Nail Art Ideas' mani on Saturday because I just haven't been up to painting them so far, between tomorrow evening and Saturday morning I hope I'll be able to pull something together!

Goodnight loves.

Rebecca x


  1. ..still loving this one. :) I just adore all those xmas lights manis.

    1. Thanks sweety, I love these kind of mani's too and the base on this one made it all the more wintery I think! :)


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