Saturday Swatch: Picture Polish Eyre

Saturday 7 November 2015

Good evening beautiful people!

I'm still laid up as my wounds heal and the bruising flourishes but I must say that the good Dr has done a great job on my heart, it's ticking along nicely for the first time in as long as I can remember and that is an AMAZING feeling! In other news, as promised yesterday here is the swatch of the very lovely Picture Polish Eyre who along with Pandora had been unbelievably neglected on the shelf for a year or so...

picture-polish-eyre-swatch-nails (1)

Eyre is a metallic blue scatter chrome holo and it's wonderous I love it, it's especially perfect for this time of year. This is two thin coats with topcoat and has the fabulous formula we all expect from a PP.

picture-polish-eyre-swatch-nails (2)

Well I'm off for a cuppa and my bed, I've got at least a few more days of resting up to go but with the majority of my body feeling anew I'll be sure to keep my blog-game up.

Have a fab weekend all!

Rebecca x


  1. Wish you a speedy recovery <3 x

    1. Thanks Annie, physically recovering well I'm just not sure it's cured after all lol! x


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