40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Grey & Colour

Friday 20 November 2015

Hello, helloooooo!

Unfortunately I didn't get to return to work yesterday, instead I spent 10 hours in A&E. Looks like my heart op wasn't so successful after all and my body is just super tired out! Luckily I already had this mani done and post scheduled... This weeks prompt in the '40 Great Nail Art Ideas' challenge is 'Grey & Colour' which is like music to my ears being the total grey-phile I am and my personal pattern is 'Circles'. I knew exactly what I was going to do with this because I had literally just received some nail mail which included coloured bubbles water transfers!

40-great-nail-art-ideas-grey-colour-circles-manicure (1)

I used two coats of Maybelline Colorshow Cool Touch for the base and then used these cute coloured bubble water transfers from Born Pretty Store to add my required colour and circles! Finished with a lick of Barry M 3in1 Topcoat

40-great-nail-art-ideas-grey-colour-circles-manicure (2)

I love this Colorshow shade it's one of my favourite greys in my collection. I'm pleased with these transfers too, I got several different colour sets so I'm looking forward to thinking up some other designs to incorporate them into.

40-great-nail-art-ideas-grey-colour-circles-manicure (3)

If you want to make a purchase from Born Pretty Store you can use my code: R2X31 for 10% off and remember to take a look at the other ladies grey & colour work below while I go take a much needed nap.

Rebecca x


  1. At first i thought you've painted those circles, until i've read what you stated. Never new those were water transfers - lovely!

    1. Haha! I love doing bubble nail art but not the time it takes, this was the perfect cheat ;)

  2. These look super pretty!

  3. Such an emotional roller coaster of a read, lol.. At first I was like "(positive) wow, this mani!", then I read those are transfers (negative) (not readily at hand; hoped you'd come up with some super easy technique even I could follow), and you not feeling well (another negative), but still (another positive) - this mani!!
    ..did I say "this. mani!" yet? :) Simply love it!

    1. Hahaha! Oh my I'm sorry to send you on a ride sweety! Thanks so much for the great comment, if I ever find that easy DIY method I will be sure to let you know first!! ;) :)


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