40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Your Job

Friday 13 November 2015

Hello, hello and happy Friday peeps!

This week's '40 Great Nail Art Ideas' theme is a good one because it's a little challenging and also allows everyone to get to know each other a little better which is awesome! My job is in Reception & Facilities for an NHS Clinical Commissioning Group so A LOT of my time is spent on the telephone organising things, ordering things and helping people out. It's a very busy, random role with lots of good colleagues and I love it, I can't wait to return later next week after my post-op recovery is complete!

40-great-nail-art-ideas-work-nhs-reception-telephone-nail-art (1)

For this mani I finally cracked open one of the numerous Wynie polishes I picked up for a bargain €1 while on holiday in Spain this summer. No.806 is a gorgeous shade and pretty close to that 'NHS blue' we all know. I used three thin coats for the base and was very happy with the formula. For the telephone/bubble art I used a small nail art brush & dotting tool with Barry M Black & White polishes. I added the white highlights with a nail art pen and the black outlines and words with a Sharpie before finishing with topcoat.

40-great-nail-art-ideas-work-nhs-reception-telephone-nail-art (2)

I'm pretty pleased with how this slightly off-the-cuff mani went, it was a bit last minute because I felt kinda rough yesterday. I was really pleased with the Wynie polish so I am just dying to try the others now, look out for them in posts coming soon!

40-great-nail-art-ideas-work-nhs-reception-telephone-nail-art (3)

I hope you enjoyed finding out about the 'everyday' side of me I can't wait to read about the other ladies' job roles and you can check out all about them down below...

Rebecca x


  1. Cool. Love posts like this one, to get to know the bloggers a bit better.. :)

    1. I'm with you there lovely, one of my favourite group posts so far, super interesting :)


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