Throwback Thursday: Armistice Day

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Hi loves!

Don't worry I didn't lose a day somewhere I do know it's Wednesday but I've done a bit of a swapsie this week and I think it's deserved. My Humpday Hare is moving to tomorrow to make way for a special #TBT today. I did this mani for Remembrance Sunday last year and I wanted to bring it back this year to mark today, Armistice Day (or Veterans Day for those of you in the USA).


I really loved this mani and it's because I love the sentiment of today too. It's important that no matter your views on the government, military or wars you honour all those that have fallen for you, for if they had not volunteered you may have been forced to be in their shoes.

armistice-day-poppy-nail-art (2)

Lest we forget...

Rebecca x


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