Humpday Hearts Manicure

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Morning folks!
So today it's humpday and oh what a humpday it is, the day of my heart surgery *prrrp* I have known for a while that I have a heart murmur but I've recently been diagnosed with more troubling arrythmias too. Basically my body is 'the house that Jack built' and my ticker's wiring is dodgy so it's either a bit too slow or way too fast with only short periods of 'normal' in between, but then again I've never been normal in any sense of the word lol!

humpday-hearts-patsel-patchwork-nail-art (1)

I'll be having something called a Catheter Ablation today where they will pace my heart to identify the dodgy bits before destroying them and hopefully restoring 'normal'. This is all done via catheters in the femoral veins in the groins - Pretty amazing really! We don't yet know what exactly they'll find or how easy it'll be to fix but all things being well I should be home tonight :)

humpday-hearts-patsel-patchwork-nail-art (2)

As a distraction yesterday I decided to paint my nails in this stitched hearts theme which I thought was rather fitting. I started with two coats of Barry M Coconut and followed up by stamping with Cappucino using the Cheeky Vibrant 15 plate. I then coloured in the hearts with a small brush using bazza's Strawberry Ice Cream, Lemon Sorbet, Berry Ice Cream & Blue Moon before finishing with topcoat.

humpday-hearts-patsel-patchwork-nail-art (3)

Well I'm off to the hospital for the day now so wish me luck! I've got a challenge mani planned for you guys on Friday then there'll be a swatch on Saturday after which, I'll be back!

Rebecca x


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