New Year's Nail Art!

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Well, Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good night whether doing something or nothing; 2014 has arrived... any new year's resolutions? I have a three for my blogging... 1) Post at least 4 times per week, 2) Vary my post content more widely, 3) Be more organised! - Schedule! LOL... Let's see how I do!!

For the Big Night I did a sparkly number using a couple of Nails Inc beauties from a fab set I picked up in TK Maxx just before Christmas, you can also grab your TK Maxx beauty bargains online HERE :) I fancied something a little different and a bit artsy in style rather than my usual glitter gradient; so went with this almost firework burst design and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, though it was difficult to photograph without appearing blurry!


I started with three coats of the whit/gold two tone polish, that's what it needed to get full tip coverage. I then plopped a medium blob of glitter polish into the centre of my nails and worked outwards in a circle, adding more or taking away as necessary. Once that had dried a good while I took an almost dry brush and dabbed around the outer areas to create a bursting sort of effect. I then added the digits and heart using a nail art pen and topcoated. Simples!


Nails Inc - Curzon Gate, Soho Street, Barry M - White Nail Art Pen, Color Club - 3in1.

I have changed my watermark now it's the new year, decided the name of my blog is better than my 'nickname' but it's taking a bit of getting used to visually?!??...

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MissLanage x

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