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Sunday 26 January 2014

Hi beauties, hope you're enjoying the weekend! I have some pretty exciting nail mail I want to share with you today!... 

...Just before Christmas, I was approached by the guys at BOHEM with regards to trying out their new sterling silver nail jewellery! I received a special blogger discount, allowing me to bring you this wee post here... The jewellery is a thin silver plate, covering the whole nail and can be engraved with a variety of designs. They can be plain engravings like these ones or filled with colourful enamels; even gold, filagree and embellished designs are available. They come in three sizes & two curvatures to best fit your nail and vary in price. This 'Gypsy Print' pair are priced at £35.42 +VAT. In a normal, non-promo order, they would come in a nice presentation box as seen on the website.


I went with the gypsy print (leopard print) because it's a favourite of mine and I didn't want any coloured enamel to ensure I could use them for a variety of looks. For this first go I decided to pair the jewellery with a matte black and silver foil stamped manicure. I think the matte paint against the shine of the silver is just lovely.


I started by painting all but the accent nail black and topcoating with a clear matte polish. I then used the silver foil to stamp the matching leopard print. I had to double stamp three of the nails because these cheeky plates are just no good for my longer nails! I then lightly buffed my accent nail and dehydrated using an alcohol sanitiser spray I use professionally. I then firmly placed the sticky tab on the underside of the jewellery at the cuticle end and left for a minute. Next, I removed the film from the other side of the sticky and pushed firmly onto my nail, cuticle end first, and held for a few minutes.


I must admit, I was a little dubious about this product. Although I loved the idea and look, I didn't believe it would fit well on my slim jim nails and I wasn't convinced the sticky would hold. (I know another blogger lost hers the other day after a day or so of wear). I wore mine out and then overnight, forgetting to peel it off, and it was still in place in the morning so that's pretty good to me! It was comfortable to wear, fitted my nail size and shape well and looked pretty cool. I did have to get used to the weight on my nail - you wouldn't think it, but that little extra IS noticeable.


Avon - Licorice, Rimmel - Matte Finish, Barry M - Silver Foil, Bohem Gypsy Print Nail Jewellery, Cheeky Vibrant Plate 02

So, opinions please ladies! Yay or Nay???

MissLanage x

*bohem nail product supplied at a discount in return for an honest review*


  1. I love how you have complemented the silver nail perfectly. I was also a bit dubious bit these are a really great way of doing something very special with your nails - I mean, who doesn't love a bit of bling!

    1. Thanks hun! They do make a nice lil nail treat, especially for a special occasion! :)

  2. I know your post was written ages ago, but do you remember which size is the one you are wearing? I would like to order a pair and although there is a sizing guide, there is no pictures of how the different sizes fit acording to their length. would you know which size is yours?

    1. Hi Natalia, I do remember, I got the small :) still going strong after several uses too!


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