British Nail Bloggers: I Hate Cleaning Up!

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Today I have another British Nail Bloggers group post for you, this time messy mani's! A great idea brought to us by Nail Art Novice :) It's done in fun and silly spirit - to rejoice in a no cleanup mani!!! I do love making a mess so I was on board right away. I decided to do my favourite type of messy nail art, the splatter! This time, I did it over a matte base - love the contrast, will defo be giving that a go again. Behold, my beautiful mess!


I did one coat of the deep pink, followed by one coat of matte topcoat. I then used an old pen barrell to blow on the silver and purple polish. I find that painting the nib with the polish brush so it covers the hole completely, rather than trying to dip into a small blob of polish works better. I hold it a couple of cm away and blow sharply. Love this look, one of my all time favourites and taking pics without cleaning up was liberating I must admit...


...But I could not do a post without a finished mani in it LOL. I'm too fussy about my nails and my blog to leave it at that! Plus, I really liked the result and wanted to show it at its best I'm a pretty messy person in general, much to my own annoyance but I just can't help it; always been that way! Not when it comes to my nails though; those, I am a teeeeny bit anal about. I'm not perfect, but I have to do my best!

Rimmel - Matte Finish Topcoat, Maybelline Colorshow - Bubblicious, Noite de Gal, Barry M - Silver Foil

Take a look at the other messy mani's below and see if they managed to give up cleanup all together hahaha!

MissLanage x


  1. Loving the contrast between the matte base and that shiny silver! Fun =D
    I couldn't leave mine totally messy either ;)

    1. Thank you! Heehee :) Perfectionists at heart!


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