TPC - Red, Orange & Yellow!

Tuesday 7 January 2014

After a year or more in the Crumpet's Nail Tarts group, I have finally got my head around the Tri-Polish Challenge and got myself organised enough to be taking part! Yay... Go New Year's Resolution! If you haven't heard of it before, it's a themed mani, the theme being three specified colours; this month they are Red, Orange and Yellow. You can use these colours ONLY along with black and white, posts are done on Tuesdays.

When I mentioned the challenge to my other half and flapped about what I might do; he immediately said, "you should do a sponged sundown job with an african scene using that new plate you have, that'll use them three colours"... Great idea! He's a gem! So here you are...

I sooo wanted to do this design, hence getting this plate in the first place, but boy was I daunted at the thought of actually sitting down to do it! The fact that the man in my life had brought it up meant the challenge was set lol... I started with two coats of the yellow, then sponged on a layer of orange and red followed by another of yellow. I next stamped different parts of the design in the black and filled in from the bottom of the design to the tips. Finished with a topcoat.

Not perfect, but pretty pleased with this one! Just proves I can do these things if I just take the bull by the horns, I must learn to be a bit more adventurous! :) The colorshow polishes continue to impress me and the stamps are so darned crisp. Takes me far away from this yukky UK weather.

 Maybelline Colorshow - Electric Yellow, Solar Flame, Power Red, Blackout, Color Club - Topcoat, MoYou Explorer Collection 10, Makeup Sponge.

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MissLanage x


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