*NEW* Nails Inc: In The Nude Collection

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Hello me lovelies! I got some awesome nail mail yesterday, my Nails Inc Lucky Dip and the In The Nude Collection. Super happy shopper; as well as the bargain lucky dip, I also got 25% off my other polishes with the Nails Inc January Deals on Facebook :)

Nails Inc - George Street, Shreaton Street, New Kensington Gore, New Hyde Park Place

Today I'm swatching the Nudes, I love nudes! Especially blues, pinks and greys; so this collection was ideal for me! The rich nude (beige) is not really my colour, my mum would love it though haha! It was soooo hard to capture their true colours on my phones camera; I did all my nails last night but this morning was unhappy with the pictures, so today I did them all again and took the pics in daylight lol! The things we do?!...


In the order they came out of the box; first is George Street, a mink pink, two coats and topcoat. I love this shade, just my kind of pink.




Next is Sheraton Street, a pale blue, two coats and finished with topcoat. Such a beautiful shade, almost duck egg blue, I love this one even more!




 New Kensington Gore is third up, a rich nude (beige lol), two coats and topcoat. This was by far the hardest to capture on camera! It kept coming out much warmer and browner than it really was. i think I just about got it in these snaps though.




Last up today is New Hyde Park Place, a soft grey, two coats and topcoat. This is joint favourite with the blue for me. I think grey and white are defo my top manicure colours.


So that's the nudes done... stunning collection I think, and so on trend for spring summer. It was inspired by some top designers at Fashion Week. Loved the formula and the shine.

I will soon do a post with some of the fabulous shades I received in my Lucky Dip... AND... today I managed to get my hands on the eight Models Own Hypergels I wanted to try out!!! At 50% discount in their sale too! Awesomeness! As soon as they hit my doorstep, I will get swatching and reviewing so stay tuned!

MissLanage x

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