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Sunday 5 January 2014

Some of the girls over at the British Nail Bloggers group have organised this group post on our favourite base coats, top coats and/or strengtheners... Great idea Emma :) really interested to see what everyone's different choices are and maybe pick up a new 'must have' for the list... also pleased to share the everyday products behind the mani's with you! To start off, for the first time ever on my blog, here are my naked nails!!!

Left hand

Right hand

*Scream* and moving on lol....  Not a strengthener as such, but a Nail Rescue Oil treatment which has indeed helped the strength of my nails and banished the peeling issue I have been struggling with since having acrylics during my nail tech training. Coupled with a few weeks polish free, it also seems to have helped with the staining which lasted weeks after removal.

Micro Cell 2000 - Nail Rescue Oil

I use it three of four times a week on top of my usual hand moisturising. If you're interested to know which moisturiser I use, it's one from my trade supplier - Strictly Professional Hand Lotion with Viatmin E Oil...  I'm also fond of the Superdrug 3 in 1 too, I picked it up till-side once when it was on offer and just stuck with it until the former came into my life.

Strictly Professional - Hand Lotion, Superdrug 3in1 Hand Therapy

My base coat go to has always been Barry M which I love in every way! It's a strengthener, base and topcoat and although I don't often use it for a topcoat anymore, it is a very good strengthener and base; especially for glitter polishes I find. I also recently got some OPI Natural Nail Base Coat which I'm pretty pleased with it so we'll see who wins between high-street and high end over the coming months!

Barry M - 3in1, OPI - Natural Nail Base Coat

Topcoat is hands down Color Club. It's plumping and glossy, really brings out the detail in nail art and seals in rhinestones and glitter beautifully... Dries super fast and is affordable too! What more can a girl ask for?! When it comes to Matte, which is a look I just LOVE, my go to is the Rimmel; another reasonably priced brand but with super results. I often find breathing on your nails, in the way you do your hands when cold, while the the topcoat dries - improves the frostiness of the finish... am I alone in that lol?!

Color Club - Topcoat, Rimmel - Matte Finish

So that's it... any surprises there for you? Anyone use the exact same products? I'd love to hear your feedback! :) Make sure you take a look at the other blogger's favourites below!

MissLanage x


  1. I've never tried blowing on my nails to get them frosty, I did notice they go frosty when putting semi dry nails over a boiling pan of water / pasta. Weird! lol!

    1. I think I came across it by accident, but I noticed a definite increase in frostiness lol! :)


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