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Monday 6 January 2014

Welcome to the Monday Meme... It's the first of many a regular post, running for a few weeks each, on a Monday (surprise!)... The Monday Meme has the simple aim of bringing a little smile to us all on the hardest day of the week. It's also an opportunity for me to share a random thought or two - from one nail polish addict to another. At last, a use for the many nail related memes I have collected! Let me know what you think and if the is something particular you might like to see feature on a Monday in future :)

So the first installment is this gem...


How true is this?! Gee can a nail polish addiction be an expensive habit! Those high end and indie lemmings can drive a girl (or boy) to distraction lol! I have no real idea how much I have spent since my obsession began (in fact I probably don't want to know), but I do know that I started with 6 polishes back in June 2012... I now have just about 300! I also know my savings account hasn't seen more than a couple of hundred £'s most of that time hahaha!

 How is your obesession going? ;)

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MissLanage x

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